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I was in the process of exiting the church at the south lobby at the end of the service when Freeman stopped me and said, "Travis, this young lady just joined the church. She needs a ride to her apartment." I did not hesitate. I asked my siblings, Delores and Jerry to sit in the back and let the company have the front seat. I told her "we" would be happy to give her a ride to church next Sunday so we exchanged phone numbers (pretty slick move on my part). She accepted a ride the following Sunday which meant I had to take her back home again. Pretty soon, this became routine. Miss Davis wanted to show her appreciation by inviting me, Jerry and Delores over to dinner (pretty slick move on her part). She burned chicken. How do you burn chicken? I don't remember what we ate.
I would "happen to be in her neighborhood" from time to time and would check to see if she needed anything. On a couple of occasions she did or pretended she did. By now, she was on to me but I didn't know it. I thought I was being pretty cool but more than likely, "she was playing me" all along. The next thing I knew, I was in love and so was Miss Davis.
On January 18, 1975 (less than 6 months after meeting her) we got engaged and 363 days from the day we met, we got married on July 26, 1975, 42 years ago. Happy Anniversary Honey, Rev. Dr. Maryalice, you have been absolutely wonderful these 42 years. I can't wait for the next 42.
People that know me, know that I love dominoes.
Maryalice said, "the other woman" is dominoes. I had to remind her, I started playing dominoes in 1962 and met her in 1974 which means, she is "the other woman."
Of course, she knows she is and will always be my number one followed closely by dominoes.

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