Now, if you play dominoes and are not playing probability analysis and percentages, you are playing "hope dominoes" or "guess dominoes" or maybe luck dominoes (probability and percentages mean they will not work 100% of the time). If you are praying, God only answers about 1% of domino prayers, so don't ask him for help.

With that being said, after spending ONLY 4-5 seconds analyzing the hand, I played the 5-1 anticipating a perfect situation which occurred because my opponent played the 1-0. I am pretty sure my opponent thought I did not have the 5-0 which I played to take 15. It is a great possibility my opponent had the double blank which is another reason I played the 5-1. At this point, I am guaranteed another count like Adrian said. If my opponent plays the 6-5, I win the game right there or if my opponent plays the 5-2, I'm taking my nickel (placing me in the nickel hole) even though I have no more 3's. At this point, I still have the 6-1 remaining, the best domino in the deck.
PROBABILITY AND PERCENTAGES - By me playing the 5-1, there are 6 dominoes that can play afterward. Of the six dominoes, ONLY ONE domino, the 2-1, is an undesired domino my opponent could possibly play. If you don't like those stats, and your chances, you are abusing the game of dominoes.

The truth is, if you play 5-1, you have 95% control of the hand at that point and the win is inevitable. Of course, there are more ways than one to play a hand but doesn't it make more sense you play the way that gives you the greatest chance to win?
I am interested in your comments.